About Us

It’s A Family Affair

Ellsworth Plumbing and Heating started out as Ideal Plumbing and Heating in the early 1900’s. It was founded by E.E. Ellsworth. Shortly after Ideal’s establishment, the name was changed to it’s commonly known name of Ellsworth Plumbing and Heating. Years later the company was taken over by E.E. Ellsworth’s son C.D. Ellsworth at its original location of 307 County Street in Portsmouth, Virginia. In 1969 C.D. Ellsworth, with his son W.E. Ellsworth, moved the business from 307 County Street to it’s current residence of 3605 Turnpike Road Portsmouth, Virginia. Ellsworth Plumbing and Heating has seen quite a few changes since its establishment in the early 1900’s. Now the sons and grandchildren of W.E. Ellsworth continue to run the company with the same promise to providing our customers with the quality service and fair prices that E.E. Ellsworth would have expected of his company.

A Legacy To Be Proud Of

The Ellsworth family is proud to say that we have documentation dating back as far as 1906. Our family is proud to uphold E.E. Ellsworth’s legacy of family and business over 100 years later. Because of the dream of E.E. Ellsworth to start his own business and the values he expected of his family members to come, Ellsworth Plumbing and Heating is among the oldest plumbing and heating contractors in the entire Tidewater area.


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